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We provide trained and professional Sports Officials for all types of youth sports programs across Arizona.

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    Why you should hire Tri-Star Sports Officials!


    Tri-Star Sports Officials has a successful record of providing registered, qualified, and knowledgeable sports officials who are required to have their Arizona DPS Fingerprint Clearance card.

    Our Sports Officials all work as independent contractors, who are insured against any liability by Tri-Star Sports Officials or any of our affiliates.

    Tri-Star Sports Officials maintains resumes of all of our Sports Officials and requires annual registration/renewal.

    Tri-star Sports Officials also offers our Sports Officials initial and refresher training each year. This includes clinic/scrimmage work that is based in each individual sport, which is meant to ensure that our Sports Officials are well informed of current rules mechanics and interpretations. Coaching clinics are also provided to our Sports Officials on a yearly basis or as needed.

    Our Sports Officials come from a variety of professional and non-professional backgrounds, ranging from educators and sales people to construction and college students. Our Sports Officials possess a wide range of officiating experience in the elementary, middle school, high school and junior college levels.

    Tri-Star Sports Officials is an organization that believes in providing quality referees and officials who lead by example, serving as good role models for the young men and young women who enjoy youth sports.

    Tri-Star Sports Officials believes that every game at every age level deserves good quality officials who are knowledgeable, responsible and passionate.

    We look forward to providing you with quality sports officials, assuring you the professionalism, punctuality, and ability to meet any physical demands required to officiate the sport.

    ** Prices starting at $45 per Sports Official, per game **

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    Just a few of Tri-Star Sports Officials Accounts:

    • Scottsdale Unified School District
    • Paradise Valley Unified School District
    • Washington Elementary School District
    • Alhambra Elementary School District
    • Littleton Elementary School District
    • Urban Elite Tackle Football
    • L.G.Umpires
    • Prime Time Athletics
    • Grid Iron Flag Football
    • Women’s Powder Puff Flag Football

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